Requirement for email address to access file?

Hi there fellow readymaggers (or is it readymaggists?).

I’m building a website to showcase my screenwriting.

Ideally, I’d like people to submit their email prior to accessing/downloading my files, just through a simple form with “email” field and “read now” submit button.

Or even by hitting a link with a pop up.

Is this possible? I’m assuming I’d have to link the form, pop-up or otherwise, to mailchimp or something similar for this to work?

For ease of use, once they’d entered their email, I’d probably give them access to the whole library, as opposed to making them enter email after email BUT what would be helpful is to be able to track which section/page, the form was submitted. Is this possible? Or do I need some serious help with code?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have an ace New Years.


I think with pure Readymag-tools this will not be possible. You kind of have to set up a third-party code for this. What would work is, that you have a form in which the user has to submit their email. You could then set up a kind of autoresponse-mail at your emailadress-provider with the download link.

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Thanks @neueMeta!

You’re a genius.

What I’ll do is have a link on each page/project. Something like “to read this script, click here”. That will take viewers to a separate (maybe hidden) form section, where they can enter their email addresses.

I use Mac Mail, so I’ll set a condition for an auto-reply from that specific email address/subject to send a link, ensuring it goes to the right email, and discouraging people from putting in fake emails.

I should then be able to track clicks in GA4 and correlate that against emails sent.

Knew there was a workaround. Appreciate your help!

Have an ace one.



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