Readymag Mapping Domains


Is anyone experiencing issues with custom domain mapping currently? OR does the mapping of domains sometimes just not work for you?

I map domains many times a week with various projects. This 95% works flawlessly, however there are hours, sometimes half a day, where in the project settings it says that a project has been mapped correctly, the text turns green, but the project will not open up in a web browser with an error message “The connection has timed out”.

DNS settings are all correct. And as I said, the same process works flawlessly 95% of the time. Once a month it just stops working randomly.

Has anyone else experienced this / have you got any fixes?

Thank you,

Love Readymag!

Hi @Hayden_Somerville really depends on what settings you’re using, any domain connection can take between 1-72 hours.

@Hayden_Somerville I have the same issue. Try using variations of https://, https://www., also with no SSL.

Been trying to solve this with support, map to default https://www., but so far no luck.

Duplicate site warnings in GSC, redirect loops, it’s a mess.

If you have the same issue and figure out a solution I would really appreciate feedback.

Thanks and good :crossed_fingers: