Pinning an element just temporarily?

what is the tool that allows you to pin an element for JUST A FEW MOMENTS of scrolling and release it later? Example: second screen of this website Project — Why do we need this where you see one column scrolling while the other stays in place, then they both align and move up.

I’m sure the answer is simple but I couldn’t find it in the guides. Positioning tool pins them to the page permanently, but I ned it to move up eventually. How do I create this effect?

Try to change start point and speed of scrolling animation (for column that moves)

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That’s achievable with fixed widgets. Check this tutorial Fixed Widgets for Titles, Menus, and Animations - YouTube

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Hello, thanks but fixed widgets fix an element permanently to the page. I need it to scroll up after a pause. The guide you shared doesn’t show a similar case to mine - they all just pin it to the side fo the screen forever. Could you please share how would you use fixed widgets to achieve this effect?

If the widget is not fixed:
you have to set up a move down animation on scroll with the speed of 1. And select “top” not “bottom”.
Depending on which amount of pixels you set up in the “move down” settings the element will stay in place. you have to play around with the “top-delay” and movement amount.

@Liubov_T did you ever figure this out? Thanks!

@Liubov_T, @sjm96, neueMeta’s idea works!

Also, fixing widgets also works but you have to specify an action to ‘remove’ the fixed widget (maybe adding an extra animation step with change of opacity or move effects).