Paragraph breaks in accordion

Hi all, new to code here. Is someone able to tell me where I have gone wrong here. I am wanting paragraph breaks however once published these are not showing (screenshot attached). Thanks so much!

<div class="accordion-container">
  <p class="accordion" style="border-top: 0.6px solid #000000;">Stage 1 - Meet and Briefing</p>
  <div class="accordion-content">
      We prefer to initiate each project with an in-person meet and greet whenever possible. This provides an opportunity to discuss your project, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of your lifestyle, budget, and unique requirements forming the foundation of your project brief.
      <br />
      Once the project brief is established, we proceed by presenting a formal Design Services Agreement encompassing cost estimates for our drafting and design services, an outline of the steps we will follow, alongside projected timelines.
      <br />
      We aim to be as transparent as possible, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the journey ahead.
    <br />

add another <br />
so two times <br /> <br /> and its working

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Thank you for the fix!