Mobile version feedback

Hi all! That’s Mike from Readymag.

We know that for some our users dealing with mobile version is not quite straightforward. Feel free to share with us:

  • your general workflow
  • some workarounds that you’ve found out
  • and drawbacks that you’d like to be eliminated

thanx in advance :pray:

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Make it less stupid. Why every time i setup height for mobile layout RM ignores it whenever height is slightly changed. Example: I made all adaptive layouts with height 375px. And when I check site on 414px RM adds height to each block. If I have block 375x548px then on 414px RM makes it 414x896px.
Also, why on tablets you had lock on 926px? Why Desktop layout works as intended and the other two are garbage? Why if I change height on desktop and it scales perfectly to smaller and bigger screens, but on tablets and mobile I have heights corresponding to window height?