Looking for feedback

Hello there!

I am an amateur hobbyist who has created a website in an attempt to make something that provokes some intrigue and mystery and am looking to get some feedback.


  • Does it run smooth?
  • Does everything load timely?

Along with some feedback on the design / goals:

  • Does it have a cohesive design?
  • Does it spark any interest? questions?
  • If the goal was to get you to sign up with your email, did the page do that?
  • Is there too much information? Too little?

Let me know anything and everything you think about it. At this stage I don’t think any amount or feedback, good or bad, could hurt as I am looking to improve.


I took a look let me start by saying that your goal of provoking intrigue and a bit of mystery is working, I wanted to keep scrolling to discover more. I like the basic, black and white with a few interesting background elements.

I also really enjoyed your “Awards” section. Their designs are neat.

Let me detail the cons.


  • There is a lot to scroll. Some of this can be chunked down into smaller sections, instead of each taking a full view up.
  • Some of the animations are jarring. The arrow for example, as it scales down then moves, you need to consider how the content is being viewed. If a reader was going through to discover your process, this unnecessary animation and distraction will take away from the content you’re actively trying to push your users towards.
  • The same issue with the “Awards” title.
  • The aesthetic choices of fonts of “The Void” I imagine are there to make it more prominent, and it does the job, but maybe for the wrong reasons. I think you can get away with using the same font throughout, and only changing the font-weight of ‘The Void.’
  • It’s sort of unknown what to expect from this site, are you Blackhole News Network, or The Void, it feels both of these are fighting for control.


  • Limited colors makes anything animated, or in color more eye catching.
  • I really like the bottom navigation and can’t wait to see how you use it with more pages/issues in the future. I really think it would be interested to see each page have it’s own unique identity, while still conforming to the limited black and white color palette.
  • It reminds me sort of Adbusters, and how they defy the rules of design, while still following them.

To answer your questions:

  • It does run smoothly, though the animations sort of play tricks on how smoothly it is running at times.
  • Cohesive design, sort of. I think there needs to be more content, and maybe a bit of a crunch on ‘white space.’
  • The page will not make me sign up, I really don’t know what I’m getting into, I would really like to see a few example article(s) first.
  • Too little information, but I believe it’s a weird question because it almost as if that’s the point. I think if I were to guide this in any sort of direction, I would ask that you make it seem more of like a secret club you’re trying to get your users to join. Enter the Twilight Zone with me, welcome to the world you’re not shown.

Overall, I think with some tweaking and iterating on what you have, it will be cool to see the progress. The BHN logo is really good, all the graphics are. Fixate on making the content, the words and ideas you want to bring up, and the need for the users to sign up the next step. Maybe show some future article ‘click-baity-void’ headlines.

Nice work Brady.