Integrating ecommerce to sell webpage access

I want to sell a digital product, but rather than sell a downloadable pdf, I want to sell access to a seperate page on my site. Woocommerce can do this I believe, but they do not have immediate integration with Readymag.

Can I integrate Stripe for payment, then add woocommerce to stripe as an extension to give the customer access to the website? Or does it start with integrating WooCommerce with myreadymag site and just use stripe for payment?

Or maybe there is another tool or workflow to use?

Any advice would be appreicated. It just sees to me that avoiding turning my webpages into pdf’s for sale is an uneccesary and less interactive option for the consumer.

I think there are better platform to realize your idea. This might not be that easy to set up with RM though, even with knowledge of js…