How to organize the structure of your project: home project and nested pages

Home project: setting it up is one of the ways to connect all your Readymag projects to one domain and make use of second level URLs. This is especially suitable for complex portfolios and company websites. Say, you’ve set as your home project. Your projects will be mapped as,…, and so on. Our video tutorial will guide you through all of the steps.

Nested pages allow you to create additional sections inside your project. Say, you build a portfolio under and want to nest the projects under several categories. In this case, each category will be located under the URL Each project will have a related URL, like

To create a nested page, just drag it to the center of the preview for the previous page, and then drop. Do you use this feature in your projects?

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Sorry, is it possible for plans that only support one project published?

@About_Studio this would only be for accounts that allow more than one published project. You can still contact Readymag for more membership offerings if you only require another published project etc.