How to make position fixed via code?

So I have burger menu with navigation that slides up. But when I try to add position fixed it doesn’t add position fixed. Is there any way to fix it or its impossible because readymag has own pins?

I don´t get what isn´´t working on your side. But to add “fixed” to a element via custom code is not that easy as the structure of the RM projects are different and this will not work to solve your problem.

But you could describe your problem with a screenshot a bit more detailed and maybe there is help.

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For some reasons position:fixed on element in custom code just doesnt work. Maybe its because RM has own pinning system or what.

Hi @_underscore would you be able to share the code element in a public project for us to review?

My initial thoughts are that if it is a ‘code embed’ element to make sure you turn on this button ‘use iFrame’. Otherwise CSS from the project will be able to affect it which maybe causing it to not act as you had imagined.


However, if this does not work please do share your code in the forum to see what could be going wrong. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for suggestion but I’m not using iframe. I have to remake code block now to get bug because decided to remove that code block. But will share later today.

you are right… but if you insert your code in a customcodewidget and set this to be fixed on top it should work… But as @HEADLESS.HORSE already suggests: share your code and we will have a look though.