How to make an image clickable so it actions a video pop-up

Hi all! I would like to try and build a video pop when you click an image like on this website:

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Can anybody help? Maybe it’s custom code?


Hi. Did you ever figure out to do this? I need to create the same thing. Cheers

Hi! You can add your video and animate it by click. Add a video thumbnail as a trigger and choose the on click animation.

Perfect, thanks — that works :slight_smile:

One problem I now have, is I can’t click or scroll over the hidden video pop-up in editor mode. I’ve checked ‘hide in editor’ and even hidden the video in layers, but neither of those helped. Any ideas how to fix this?

Sorry not an answer to your question but do you know how they achieved thumbnails without a play button on the website you linked?