How to make an image clickable so it actions a video pop-up

Hi all! I would like to try and build a video pop when you click an image like on this website:

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Can anybody help? Maybe it’s custom code?


Hi. Did you ever figure out to do this? I need to create the same thing. Cheers

Hi! You can add your video and animate it by click. Add a video thumbnail as a trigger and choose the on click animation.

Perfect, thanks — that works :slight_smile:

One problem I now have, is I can’t click or scroll over the hidden video pop-up in editor mode. I’ve checked ‘hide in editor’ and even hidden the video in layers, but neither of those helped. Any ideas how to fix this?

Can you explain those instructions a bit more please?

I can layer a thumbnail image over the video box and have it trigger the video on click. But I can’t get the video to pop up into the middle of the screen, there’s no lightbox option for video.