How to Embed 3D Model Viewer onto Site?

Hi everyone! This is similar to that other post, but I’m trying to embed model viewer onto my website and I’m also not a developer and have little understanding of how this works.

I exported my 3d model from Illustrator as a GLTF and imported it onto ModelViewer and copied the code it gave me.

All my code right now is:

<script type="module" src=""></script>
<model-viewer src="Asset 1.gltf" ar ar-modes="webxr scene-viewer quick-look" camera-controls poster="poster.webp" shadow-intensity="0" environment-image="aircraft_workshop_01_1k.hdr" exposure="0.94" tone-mapping="neutral" camera-orbit="0.8286deg 87.01deg 0.6101m" field-of-view="30deg">
    <div class="progress-bar hide" slot="progress-bar">
        <div class="update-bar"></div>
    <button slot="ar-button" id="ar-button">
        View in your space
    <div id="ar-prompt">
        <img src="">

And it shows a button with a hand. When I click the button, it does nothing.

Do I need to type other code than what model viewer gives me? I’ve pasted other example model viewer code to test if THOSE’LL work, but they just show nothing. Am I pasting the code in the wrong place?

I’m trying to get my model to be interactable like the logo on this site:

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

implementing model-viewer isnt that easy. as you also have to deal with the automated scaling of RM… the model-viewer misinterprets the rendering and is shown pixelated. This can be adressed with again downscaling the 3d container, but is a bit tricky. I managed to do it as you can see here:

For more simple 3d models I would use spline as its way more easy to implement.

But in your example the shots widget is used… which I would also advice you if you want to achieve the same… Just export your animated 3d model as png sequence and upload it to the shots widget.

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I want my 3d model to be on a transparent background like the logo on the site. I tried using Spline viewer but I don’t like that it adds a background to the model.

I don’t have any animations on my model, I just want it to be able to be rotated. I’ll try the shots widget and see what happens though.

Thank you for the suggestion! I was able to get what I wanted.

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