Horizontal scroll + smooth inertia help

I have created a functional horizontal scroll using the basics of the horizontal scroll template (fixed position + scroll move) but I would like a smooth transition between each image. I currently have it sent on ease in and out, but it doesn’t make the scroll smooth, nor does it ‘stop’ on each image as I would like… see the inspo website… http://robinmastromarino.com/
i have looked into a gsap inertia scroll plugin/code on other website builders, but it is a bit out of my depth atm and am unsure how it would work on readymag. Does anyone have any readymag, gsap or code tips so I can get this desired result?

hey, cou could first set up the left/right animation to stop an image before moving to the next. here you could add a delay of some pixels. With this you kind of have a “lock in” feeling.

After that you could try to implement a smooth scrolling effect behaviour, with a ease at the beginning and stop of scrolling. The really fluid behaviour of your example you can, I think, really only achieve with gsap/three etc…

here two starting points for getting into smooth scrolling:

but there are several more js scripts to check out.
But in all of them you have to edit the snippetcode to make it work in RM. Mainly you have to change the container, which gets scrolled, as in Readymag not the gets scrolled, but regarding which “paga-order” (horizontal/vertical) is selected its a different div.