Hi! Looking to hire someone hourly: mobile/tablet formatting & anchor menu for desktop

Hi there!
I need help adapting the design layout for www.technologygap.earth (pw earthmirror) for mobile and tablet. I could do it myself but don’t have time–as I’m under the gun on a few deadlines right now and help would be awesome!

I also need someone to fix the anchor menu scroll for desktop–as it’s being buggy for me and I can’t seem to get it to line up properly.

Looking to work with someone I can pull in on different projects and build a good relationship :slight_smile: It’s a major plus if you have custom coding capability as well–but for this specific SOW I need help with the mobile and tablet formatting–and locking in certain elements of the design to adapt across screen resizing for the header, including anchoring.

Recap of SOW:
desktop: fix anchor points to line up properly for the menu header navigation
mobile: formatting for mobile
tablet: formatting for tablet
I expect this to be about 2-3 hours of work based on how long it would take me, but open to working out price and estimated hours.

Timeline is completion by June 6th.

Looking forward to connecting!