Getting border lines when inserting image slideshow into horizontal scroll

I have been using the horizontal scroll function to display images of frames I’ve made and it’s working pretty well. Ideally I need to insert a slideshow into the horizontal scroll to showcase different angles of the frames. Seems easy enough, just dropped a slideshow into the chain and copy & pasted the same animations, and it works!


In scrolling as well as clicking through the images in the slideshow, I get these weird kinda ‘ghost’ border lines from that seem to sputter and go in and out of being visable, which look pretty bad. Any fix to make them not appear?

Here’s a photo in which you can see the faint lines I’m talking about.

have you checked, if there is a bg color set in the slideshow settings.
If you have selected the “fill” option ( i´d guess that you did), disable it and set the bg color to transparent and enabled it again and check if the lines are still there.

I guess there is a small unexact pixel calculation happening and the bg is seen then.

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That did it!!! Thank you sooo much