Delay hyperlink activation

I am trying to find a way to delay the activation of a hyperlink attached to an image. I have animated the image to zoom in and back out (to simulate a button press) but because the hyperlink takes precedence over the animation, one is taken to the hyperlink destination before the animation has time to play. I’ve tried in JS but can’t get it to work. Anyone solved this?

you could set a on click function onto the image via JS which directs to the link after a delay of your animationtime.
So the link is only set by custom code, but the image still has a click animation, but no link.

Thank you for your advice. I have tried a number of variations on that, but it just doesn’t work. I suspect it has something to do with correctly identifying the animation and/or the image. Any advice on this aspect would be welcome.

$("[data-id=65e70eb6e60468005b4722fb]").on('click', function(){
  setTimeout(function() {
     window.location = ""; 
   }, 1000);    

you have to look for the data-id of your image in the dev-tools of your browser.
change the link in the code to yours.
change the delay, wich is now 1000ms = 1s to the duration of your click animation in RM.