Current time (clock widget)

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to add a live current time (clock) to our page using some kind of css / code.

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I am currently wondering the same thing !
If you found a solution let us know here :wink:

Yes would love to know if solution was found as well. Thanks!

here is a simple one:

Paste this code inside a customcodewidget and change to your needs.

<div class="clock">

    font-family: sans-serif, "Source Sans Pro";
    color: #000;
    font-size: 100px;

  const currentTime = () => {
  const el = document.querySelector('.clock');
  let date = new Date();
  let hh = date.getHours();
  let mm = date.getMinutes();
  let ss = date.getSeconds();
  hh = hh < 10 ? `0${hh}` : hh;
  mm = mm < 10 ? `0${mm}` : mm;
  ss = ss < 10 ? `0${ss}` : ss;
  let time = `${hh}:${mm}:${ss}`;
  el.innerHTML = time;

setInterval(currentTime, 1000);

THANK YOU! Much appreciated :slight_smile: