Code Widget doesn't load in Preview Mode

I have a code widget with swiper js in it. This widget worked perfectly fine for a few days I was developing it until today when I added two console log lines for testing, clicked save and opened in preview, where the whole element was empty. As in, if you looked at the elements tree, you’d see that the code widget did not have any children and on the site itself it’s just blank. I don’t think the problem is with console log lines because now I commented them out and it still doesn’t load. My account is on a paid plan, so code widgets should be working (and they’d still be working on free plans in preview mode) so I’m really not sure what is causing this, could this be a problem on readymag’s end?
I should note that the swiper code somewhat works in the actual editor, I see the slides moving at least, but it’s just blank in the preview.

Yep, same here, on all my sites. Live too… Hopefully fixed soon.

Hello, is it working for you now? I see the html elements of my widget on the page, but it seems like anything inside the tag doesn’t seem to run

Hi, HTML and CSS inside Custom Code widgets began rendering again about 2 hours after my reply to you last night (for me).

Seems to be working still to this point, however JavaScript inside the Custom Code widget is broken at the moment.

Not sure if that’s been broken since last night or a new issue. :thinking:

It’s the same for me, wrote to support and they replied quickly saying they’re looking into it, so hopefully this too will be fixed soon.

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