Closing menus?

Hey guys –
I have a question about menu animations.

When I open a menu on my website and click to go to a different page, is there a way to make sure the menu closes so that when the user revisits the previous page, the menu isn’t open?

Right now the menu just stays open and it can be confusing for the user.


Hi! Check my answer in this tread seems it’s relevant

Hi @Mike

I’m having this same issue, and used the Rooftop nav as a template for how I created my menu. Sometimes, the menu the doesn’t close when I select a page, and sometimes very quickly flashes up and disappears. It also has a tendency to appear when I hit the company logo in the header to go to the homepage. It’s worse on mobile than desktop.

Any ideas why this happens? I’m using the same animation technique as in the Rooftop example.


Set the animation for the menu animation to ‘self’, or the link to that page

eg set the link to your ‘about’ section in the menu as a trigger for the menu animation. When you click on it to go to that page, the menu will close behind you if you catch my drift

Thanks Jack, I think I get what you mean. The problem is, the text block in my menu is a single text widget, so I can’t add a trigger for each individual page. Even if I could, you’re only able to assign up to three triggers. I might’ve misunderstood what you suggested?

From what I can see, the issue only occurs once I’ve visited a page. The ‘on-load’ animations on the page also don’t work. It’s like the animations aren’t resetting after I’ve visited a page for the first time. Looks like some kind of caching issue?

Turns out I didn’t have the menu set to ‘Above pages’. All sorted. Thanks guys.