Can I make a header menu like one in the URL below?

Hi! I’m new here. I want to have a header menu like one in the URL below. Are there any ways to make it?

  • scroll down until the header menu goes up and disappears.
  • the header menu gets fixed on the top (The header moves in from the top if possible)

hey Yasu,

yeah definetly possible.
Build the Menu, Group it. Fix it on the for example left corner. Animate the menu to move down 50 px on scroll, add a delay if needed. now set the animation on every element of the menu. Move up your menu out of screen the pixel amount (here 50px) you have set in the animation.

Now after a scrolled delay your menu should move into screen.

Keep in mind: you can copy/paste the animation from one element onto another with shift + cmd + C/V. This is useful as you cannot animate a whole group that is fixed.


Hi neueMeta,

Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I understood and could make it.

Thanks again!